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Wow, Amare is getting really underrated here. People who said he has no shot must have never seen him play since his rookie year. That mid-range 15 footer is money for him now. Amare in the playoffs last year was more unguardable and more dominant than Kemp has ever been. No one on the Mavs, Spurs or Grizzlies could stop him, he had one bad game against the Mavs...and that's it. Kemp has had his moments of dominance, but he was pretty inconsistent. Some nights he would be 30+ and other nights he wouldn't even manage to take 10 shots. I think Amare is better than Kemp on offense, but Kemp is a MUCH better rebounder than Amare is and will be. If I had to choose, it would be pre-injury'd be close though.
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