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Originally Posted by Shepseskaf
In some cases, stats don't tell the entire story. I wasn't trying to downgrade Amare's game, but just pointing out that Kemp was a lot smoother and more versatile that I believe that Amare will ever become. Just my opinion.

One of my favorite plays of all time happened when Kemp took a rebound (I forget against what team), and went coast to coast, dribbling like a guard all around people, finishing with a hellacious slam in the lane. It was an awesome display of his all-around skills. Amare can't match that versatility, as good as he is.

Kemp could easily have averaged closer to 30ppg, had he been called upon to do so. However the Seattle offense with Payton, Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, and Hersey Hawkins - all established scorers - was a lot more diversified and didn't rely on him as much as Phoenix did Amare.

Its a pretty interesting comparison, though - for many reasons. Both players came straight out of high school with big question marks surrounding them. Both came into the league and immediately had an impact. Both possessed HOF-level skills on entry. Hopefully Amare will keep things together better than Kemp did.

Kemp come out of Trinity J.C. not High School.

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