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He hates Andrea because Andrea is a tall white guy. Great logic.
"Andrea?" You 2 on a first name basis? You hang out?

I don't hate him. I'm sure he's a great person. He's just not gonna be a really good NBA player. This isn't logic, it's probability, for every Dirk there are 20 Skitas.

Watch me be right despite not knowing anything about the guy. Aint that a biitch?

guard PFs? this ain't pokemon you retard. the guy doesn't have more than 210lbs on him and you think he can guard PFs?
I'm not sure what little creatures that fit into balls have to do with your point, but maybe you could hop off my balls for a second. I said, and I quote:

I guess there are some PFs he can guard but not for whole games, he's a SF.
SOME PF'S... but NOT FOR WHOLE GAMES... HE'S A SF. It's kinda unbelievable, really, how retarded people are sometimes. By "some," I mean skinnies (Boris Diaw, Chris Bosh), and poshballs who shoot jumpers exclusively (Lafrentz, Jamison). You act as if all PFs are Charles Barkley nowadays.
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