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Originally Posted by vincentda
That was nice and almost as nice were the countless times I've seen Amare run the floor and even make cross-overs before finishing with a dunk. What wasn't so smooth about Kemps ball handling and all-around skills were the weeks at a time where he would average 5 turnovers a game and he's even had streaks of 3 or 4 games where he would turn the ball over 7 times a game. I dropped him two years in a row in the mid 90s on my fantasy team b/c I had points deducted for fouls and tos and he was a leader in both.
You raise some interesting points, but I still believe that Kemps game was more diversified than Amare's. Perhaps, as you noted, Kemp's game - given the TOs - wasn't as effective as Amare's but the range of skills that Kemp displayed were still greater.

If Kemp were a more disciplined individual, the level he could have reached would have been higher than Amare's, IMO.
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