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Amare is a bigger freak them kemp ever was.........

YOu look at both of their physicality and you can see see their advantages......

Amare has a bigger,stronger body. A body Stromile swift, and KG could dream of.

Kemp was jus a tad faster then Amare,but amare is by far quicker then kemp was.

Amare has that hunger to want to be the best, i never saw that in KEMP. Kemp could have scored 26 but he didnt.

and I beg to differ, defensively Centers in the NBA are very solid, YEs they were ore dominant offenseively during kemps era,but defensively.

Kenyon Martin-Tyrone Hill same size,Martin a bigger athlete.
Brad Miller-Brad Daughterty same style players.

defensively they are about the same, with KG Duncan and Shaq still at the helm.
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