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Make sure you're choosing the right finish for the situation. E.g. If you're trying to drive into a gap in the defense you should almost always finish with a finger roll to prevent too much power being put into the shot. Try to get into your best shooting angle first, if you can't get into that angle then go to your second best angle and so on.

I've encountered players that can finish almost anywhere too, usually its because they try to put you off balance so they can make contact without getting blocked, regain balance easier and to draw a foul. To finish at the rim better you first want to make sure that your layup/post move is perfect without any pressure. Now you need to find a way to put them off balance or to find a way past them. To put them off balance try and perfect a crossover, use it in a one on one situation, and try and curve around them as soon as the crossover is completed. You should also work on driving at gaps, basically run full speed at a gap in the defense, if it closes you can either pass, add a crossover, spin move, end the dribble and finish with a post move, power layup or floater, there are even more options but its up to you.

For ball handling do these drills daily-
Around the world - Circle the ball around your head, waist and knees
Squeezes- Put the ball on your fingertips, squeeze and catch
Figure 8- Make a figure 8 by weaving the ball around your legs
Leg wraps- Circle the ball around your knee
Low dribbles- Dribble with the ball about 2-4 inches above ground
Alternate hikes- One hand infront one hand behind holding the ball between knees, shift hands so your behind hand is infront and infront hand is behind without the ball touching the ground
Drum Dribbles- Dribble the ball very low alternating hands extremely quickly as if you were drumming. Make sure you're developing a rhythm not just hitting it randomly.

Do all these as fast as you can, if your stuffing up that just means your pushing your limit. Hope I helped

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