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For finishing around the hoop i think i'd just recommend getting used to being around the rim and what you can do in each position. For instance I've noticed that i have a really good touch around the rim with my off hand and the only thing i've done to train my left hand was stand almost underneath the hoop and practice on the hook with each hand and then layups with either hand. Do this everytime you shootaround and you'll notice your touch come to you in game aswell.

As for ball handling, I've never been a huge fan of stationery drills. However not too long ago i set myself up a little obstacle course and tried to do as many moves as possible (crossovers, around the backs etc.) within the course whilst getting up and down the course, If you want to challenge yourself then you could try timing yourself. Since i did that i noticed an astounding improvement in my handle and i would probably continue doing the drill but it seems every week after my games i've got some injury that needs to be rested
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