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Default Re: Is it just me or is this basically what every Portland fan believe/hope?

Big difference between believing and hoping..

Originally Posted by iamgine
1. Greg Oden is going to become a defensive monster with a very efficient offense to anchor the Blazers defense into #1 in the league.

Definitely hope this will happen.. and it might somedy. Doesn't just depend on Oden though. Right now we have Camby in the middle now and as far as defensive bigs go, he's right there at the top (with Dwight). Better than Oden at this point and maybe better than Oden will eve become. It's up to the rest of the team to make this defense one of the best in the league.. Not just Oden.

Originally Posted by iamgine
2. Nicolas Batum is going to be the next Scottie Pippen on defense and offense minus the playmaking and leadership.

yeah that would be awesome.. but it's not happening. He's great defensively, but not near Pip's level. Scoringwise he has really improved (from what I've seen so far), but Pippen's level? Come on now...
Batum is one of my favorite players in the league right now and he definitely reminds me of Pip (minus the playmaking), but he's more of a Pippen-lite and

3. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to break out and finally becoming equivalent to Pau Gasol.

Might happen.. But it'll take years and confidence. He needs to work on his defensive and needs to get more physical. Don't know if it'll ever happen.. He's more of a Cliff Robinson type of player..

4. Blazers will use Andre Miller and Marcus Camby's expiring contract to acquire another key addition.

I want Camby on this team till he retires. lol. he's a great team players, solid on both ends of the court (especially on D of course). All our bigs are injury prone. We need him.

We have Miller and a bunch of picks to trade. I hope the FO doesn't fck up and swing a desperation deal for a mediocre player though

5. Brandon Roy is the leader for years to come and the Portland Trailblazers finally become a contender for years to come.

Will definitely happen.
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