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You don't need killer fancy handles. You just need to have solid control of the ball while being able to keep focus on defender (and more importantly, your teammates) and move the ball accordingly. You don't need fancy ball movements (like all the silly and1 dribbling) if you know proper spacing and you can keep the ball just out of reach of the defender. Nothing will frustrate them more if you can do that while you dribble it kinda slowly and tease them. If they reach/commit, you're gone.

An experienced scorer relies on the combination of speed, change of pace, fakes, spins (pivot footwork) and can get the shot off at will. You need to have solid foundation to be able to do that and that will take years to develop and get comfortable. Around the basket that would mean being able to finish with either hands, baby hook shots, for mid range - sky hooks, rainbow drop shots, bank shots are useful skills to have.
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