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Default James White is the steal of the century

I think you guys are all sleeping on the best player in this draft. Let me be the first to say it before all the rest of you get on the bandwagon. James White is the best player in this draft, and he is going to get stolen by the Los Angeles Lakers. This guy is a lottery pick that is going to slip all the way down to 26 because there is this misperception of him as just an athlete. Well, let me tell you, for the first 7-8 years of his career, MJ was just an athlete. He didn't really know the game of basketball until after his first retirement.

James White will go down in history as the biggest draft steal of all time. This kid is so good that he will be the starting pg for the lakers, and help this team go all the way to the NBA finals. The kid is that good, and you all are sleeping on him.
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