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Originally Posted by MannyO
Some good advice here. I'm trying to figure out how to improve shot making. Like let's say I make a nice move and get to the basket or space for a jumpshot I sometimes end up missing those easy ones. Some players just make shots no matter what and how bad of an angle they are in I just want to get that touch.

Also what are the traits of an elite scorer?

Check out Carmelo Anthony, he is easily the best/deadliest scorer I've seen. Here's what I think makes an elite scorer.

They have to be deadly from everywhere, from the post to the mid range to the perimeter as well as the free throw line. It's why players like Tyreke Evans and Anthony Morrow aren't elite scorers. They can dominate from inside and outside but that's it, so their defenders can guard them easily.

Then I think they have to want to score, they want to take every shot they can get and the team game comes second. A high level scorer knows he's a scorer and he knows he can get points so there isn't any doubt when he has the ball that he will put the ball in the bucket.

And finally I think a scorer has to have the mentality that shots will be missed but it doesn't matter. Efficiency can't really be valued because a low percentage (by low I mean around 40-50) is a by product of the high amount of shots they take.
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