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SOME PF'S... but NOT FOR WHOLE GAMES... HE'S A SF. It's kinda unbelievable, really, how retarded people are sometimes. By "some," I mean skinnies (Boris Diaw, Chris Bosh), and poshballs who shoot jumpers exclusively (Lafrentz, Jamison). You act as if all PFs are Charles Barkley nowadays.
1. diaw is not a PF
2. bosh and jamison would abuse him in the post, even Lafrents would take him to post and score with ease. There's not 1 PF in this league that morrison can slow down. There were G/Fs in college that pushed him around, in the nba even some SGs are bigger and stronger than him. And it's nothing against him because he was never supposed to play the 4, IMO morrison will be dunleavy jr with more heart.

you think this guy could guard a PF?
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