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Make sure you know where your spots are. Very few players at any level can score from anywhere. They just do a better job of getting to the spots they know they can be successful from.

Have a game plan. I played through college and was a scorer but not a shooter (I wasn't going to kill you all day with open j's, but I shot it well enough). It's very much like a football coach who has plays scripted. Think about how people guard you and work on setting them up. I knew which shots I hit a real high %, and made sure I got one of them early in a game to build confidence and give the defender something to think about. I also never used a head fake...until it was time for a must-have or closeout hoop. Defenders never had to pay attention to that move, so they forgot about it. Worked every time.

Becoming a good scorer is just as much a mentality as it is a skill set. Play one-on-none, just like we all did as kids. Think about how the game reacts around you when you do certain things. They always talked about Manning-Harrison practicing the "route tree"; all the routes came off of the same basic pattern. Develop variations off the things you already do well and you'll find more scoring opportunities finding you.
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