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Default Re: Nets 2010-2011 Season Discussion Thread

Just rewatched the whole bobcats-bucks game and we are really going to have to **** up to lose this game. Bogut was having his way in the paint against the bobcats as he was so much bigger than anyone that tried to guard him. Brook actually looks longer and bigger than bogut after watching both of them so all we'll need to do is throw it to him on the post and he will go to work against whatever undersized player is guarding him.

In terms of rebounding, the bobcats are a gang rebounding team where a bunch of guys just go after the ball. They don't have any elite rebounders on their team and they lack size for this category. I expect favors and lopez to push wallace, tyrus, and jackson right out of the paint and grab a lot of offensive and defensive boards.

The only way we realistically lose this game is if we commit a lot of turnovers like we already have in the second game against the kings. This team LIVES off of transition opportunities and if we take care of the ball, they are in for some trouble. Stephen jackson and gerald wallace isos in the half court setting don't scare me one bit.

Bottom line: the nets should win this game if we keep lopez out of foul trouble, run the offense through lopez, dominate the boards like we should, and take care of the ball (less than 12 turnovers would be great).
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