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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Jets a possible destination for wideout Randy Moss?

When asked about the Santonio's dropped pass in the fourth quarter against Green Bay, Ryan responded by saying: "Can Santonio catch that ball? Absolutely. And if he would have, would he have scored? Probably. He's got great speed but for whatever reason it never happened. We dropped five balls in the 4th quarter alone. You are not gonna win many games that way. And I know we are, you know we have some talented individuals. You know, we really have a talented group of Receivers, Backs that can catch, Tight Ends that can catch. But we never got it done."

It's true, that play could have gone a long way if he made that catch. It's a ball an NFL Wide Receiver should make in his sleep and especially for a talented player like Santonio Holmes. So is adding Randy Moss to their receiving core a possibility for the New York Jets?

Rex Ryan's take on Randy Moss:
Rex, speaking of receivers, would you be in favor of claiming Randy Moss?
"(Smiling) You know, the one thing here, we really can't talk about Randy Moss until he passes the waiver wire. So I'm not gonna touch that one. That's all you get right now, I really can't commend on him." It certainly looked like he is interested in a Pro Bowl wideout.

The Jets could use the presence of Randy Moss, he'd be the most talented target for Mark Sanchez and can open up the running game because he is such a threat down the field. They don't want New England to pick him up, especially right now, when the Patriots are leading the AFC East Division.

Is it worth it? Randy Moss certainly brings a lot of negativity with him, mostly in the locker room. He might not give his all on the field but he is still a Top 10 Wideout in the League, no matter how much he acts like a 'Slouch'. Speaking of Slouch, does the tension between Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and Moss stop this from ever happening?

What do you guys think about Randy Moss and should the Jets claim him? Either to stop him from going back home or to upgrade the receiving core. This just my own speculation, I think he'll be picked up by a team before the Jets have a chance to grab him. I just don't want to see him catching Touchdowns for a Jets divisional rival.
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