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Default Re: Charlie Villanueva furious with Kevin Garnett

Originally Posted by dd24
I think there's probably a lot of players in the league who are upset with Charlie. I'm not condoning what KG said but I think most players probably look at something like that and think it should have been handled without the use of media. Like DKLaker said, it could have been a confrontation on the court. Or he could have simply made a phone call after the game. Nonetheless, we know trash talking goes on a lot in the NBA. Even back in the day with Jordan, Bird, Reggie, Payton, etc, etc.
well, there was a confrontation on the court and they both got Ts. I have no problem with CV calling him out semi-publicly, as KG and others are obviously embarrassed by it. Draws attention to it in a way that calling him or waiting outside the locker room would not.
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