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Default Darko Milicic starts 2010-11 season by shooting bricks

The Wolves last summer guaranteed Darko Milicic $16 million for the next four seasons because they considered him a mobile 7-footer who could anchor the defense. But he's got to make a shot sometime ... doesn't he? Milicic has an 14.3 field-goal percentage (4-for-28) and didn't make a shot in games against Milwaukee, Miami or Orlando (0-for-6). Minneapolis Star Tribune

"It's really frustrating to be going through this," Milicic said. "I don't know what's wrong with my shot. I can't throw it in the ocean. I'm struggling bad the last few games. This is not going to get us anywhere." Rambis admitted before Wednesday's game that Milicic is having confidence issues. "He still looks to me like he's not secure with himself," Rambis said. "I want him to get to a point where he's comfortable. Some of it is confidence. Some of it is technique." Milicic has been misfiring on his left-handed hook shot. Most of the shots have been short. St. Paul Pioneer Press

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