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Default Re: Anyone Excited for BlackOps?

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
Oh, Zomibes is so fun.
Maybe they will be DLC too? like you pay MS points for them too if you didnt pay for the hardened?

I hope so. I would think so because the Hardened edition is preorder only. Thwy wont be selling it in stores. And I've checked gamestop and bestbuy and they are all sold out. Waited way too long, didnt expect everyone to buy it.

The only way I can feel good about not being able to get it?

1. There is a zombie map on Black Ops (pentagon) plus there is another map you unlock after you beat the campaign

2. From single player to multiplayer to even trying out the new zombie mode I doubt I would have time/care about playing on the old zombie maps any time soon so by that time the 4 maps I missed out on will be available as DLC.

Ah well
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