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Originally Posted by houselog442
Marbury stunk up a very talented New Jersey team and when they traded him for Jason Kidd, they went from a 30 win team to 2 NBA finals.
Once again some one has fallen for the hype. Question, were the Nets one of the most injury-prone teams in the league during Marbury's stint, actually setting a NBA "record" for man games missed due to injury during that period whic eposed their lack of quality big men?

Here's a hint: Aaron Williams became a starting center because the #1 center on the depth chart, Jamie Feick, went down to injury.

Originally Posted by houselog442
When he was with the Wolves they made the first round of the playoffs but were supposedly going to be worse when they traded him and got the 'inferior' terrel brandon and they actually won more games with Brandon.

Originally Posted by houselog442
In Phoenix he had one excellent year (a contract year) where they made the first round of the playoffs. After they shipped him off (and Penny too) to NY, they got the salary cap room to sign Nash and now they have been in the conference finals 2 years in a row.
Again go check out the roster and man games missed due to injury. Lack of quality bigs plus injuries equals doom. On top of that Mike D'Antoni was not the coach. The coach was Frank Johnson who, while a good coach, did not have a system that negated the effects of lacking quality bigs like D'Antoni runs.

Originally Posted by houselog442
It just keeps adding up, Marbury has been on talented teams his whole career, but they always underachieved until Marbury left, and then they started playing better. Face it, Marbury is the Coney Island loser, and as long as the Knicks will have him he is nothing more than fools gold!
In each of those situation the team was either in the early stages of developement (Minnesota), injury and depth problems (New Jersey and Phoenix), or a combination of both (New York).

There is no question that Marbury is bad luck. It's like the injury bug is his pet. Everywhere he's been, save Minnesota, the team has had injury problems.

Steph may be a jinx but on the court he's not a problem.
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