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Default Re: Anyone Excited for BlackOps?

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
My first two choices for PC FPS were Bad Company 2 and Medal Of Honor, but EA online apparently has a historically abysmal online support.

I bought Bad Company 2 this week and I'm unable to connect to their online network for multi-player games. I can't even return it, either. Thousands upon thousands of people are having this same problem, and they've had this problem for several months with no official word from EA. I'm officially boycotting EA products for the rest of my life.

So, even though I despise the MW franchise, this game might be my only choice.

thats too bad, don't know why you're only thinking of bad company 2 and medal of honor. pc fps don't work the same as the consoles, the games aren't meant to be played for 3-8 months like a call of duty and then ditched. you should get team fortress 2 the best there is. and try out arma 2, its super realistic and you might not like it but the community is great. if you're just going to get black ops then building the rig and shit seems useless, that game is pure console.
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