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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Fields should be playing 35+ minutes a night. He's the one guy that really knows what he's doing out there. He can run the PnR effectively, can pass on the move, moves the ball quickly, and cuts at the right times. I really like Douglas and Chandler, but Fields is just a better fit than those guys. If you watched the whole game, you'd notice Fields was key in just about every run we made. And when he sat, ball movement suffered. I hate it when coaches have to play player politics and try to keep everyone happy with minutes. Chandler's really good for stretches but you can't have him out there trying to create off the dribble. You'll get lucky sometimes, but that's not his game. He's a guy with just enough ballhandling ability to get to the basket, but he definitely can't maneuver around defenders cause he's a natural PF not a wing player. He has the body of a wing player, but the skills of an interior player. Fields is the team's best and most efficient playmaker. He NEEDS to be in there. I just hope D'Antoni realizes it sooner rather than later.
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