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I could care less about Gasol, but his stat line is far better than any knick.

20 PPG
7.5 RBS
57% FG
77% FT
3 Assists
.5 Stls
1.7 Blks

I think we could use those blocks and his ball movement for a pf/center. (2 blocks, 3 assists)

Anyways, I didnt really understand what you were trying to say?!?!?! r u mad cause he asked for a trade and then backed out? or r u mad cause he asked to be traded to a contender?

Wait, I just re-read your post. I think I understand and I cant read. : Whats wrong with asking for a trade? Hes not the first one to do it and he wont be the last. Didnt ZO do the same thing with the Nets? He saw no shot at winning a championship even tough the team was actually decent and asked to be moved.
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