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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

I think Rip would be a great fit on those two teams mentioned Afflalo is really nice, but Rip would compliment him well as more of a pure scorer. We could give them Rip and Max for K.Mart and maybe JR

Portland could also use him, as Roy is banged up and they need another scorer IMHO. Roy plays the 1 and even 3 at times, so Rip would fit well most likely. We'd have to take Miller and Pryzbilla though, so not sure it works. We'd have to be able to flip Miller most likely. An idea

Rip,Duhon to Portland

Gortat,Pietrus to Detroit

Miller,Pryzbilla to Orlando

Orlando needs another PG with Nelson always hurt and they will still need a backup big, but they don't want to pay Gortat long term. Gortat would be perfect for us and Pietrus would fill Rip's spot with more of a defender, open shot maker. That's ideal with Gordon and Mcgrady as scorers already. Duhon gives Portland a veteran backup at the point to pair with the exciting rookie Armon Johnson


PG Stuckey Bynum White
SG Gordon/Pietrus(might start)
SF Prince Mcgrady Summers
PF Daye CV Maxiell Wilcox
C Wallace Gortat Monroe

gotta trim the fat with another trade is all. Max and '11 1st(I don't want to draft anyone next year!!) for Cleveland's trade exception or Max and Summers
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