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Default Re: Detroit Wants To Be 3rd Team In Melo Trade

Nugs just fired the guy that held discussions about trading carmelo for garbage deals- those type of deals talked about are not happening
I still think the perfect big for detroits future would be Fesenko
Jazz get - prince + rip + ben wallace
Nugs get- villenueva + okur
Pistons get - Fesenko + ak47 + kmart + den picks
Jazz and nuggets both go for a title w teams built around their best players, det waives ak and kmart and starts over w capspace, picks, and a big like fesenko to be the enforcer around all the skilled bigs det has in daye, jerebko, and monroe- everybody wins, det sends 3 heros to a good spot, denver adds size and floor spacing, and jazz get williams the real supporting cast that raja bell and cj miles aren't
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