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Default Sleepers

I see Alexander Johnson sneaking up draft boards, is this warranted or just the result of good measurables?

I think Rondo will be solid in the pros, and he does have the potential for stardom if he improves his shot significantly. For a pass-first, pass-second PG, Rondo does not possess the court awareness of an above-average NBA PG, so I think that will limit his production as well. As for now, at least, he'll be an excellent defender/energy guy off the bench who has the potential to be a lockdown defender.

James White? Are you kidding me? He has a better future in track and field than he does in the NBA. He's a bigger waste of premier athleticism than Darius Miles was when he entered the draft.

I can't help but think that Paul Davis will be a stiff. I'm not saying that just because he's white; he's soft defensively, disappears for long stretches, and has always struck me as an underachiever.

My sleepers:

Jordan Farmar- UCLA (maybe he doesn't qualify as a sleeper, but I think he'll be the best PG in this draft.)
Mike Gansey- WVA (the guy plays hard and overachieves despite his supposed 'limitations.' He'll outwork players who are more athletic and stronger).
Joel Freeland- England
Marcus Vinicius- Brazil
Rajon Rondo- Kentucky
Daniel Gibson- Texas (Gibson plays like a lottery pick when he's focused and motivated; if he can gain confidence in a good situation, he may return to form.)
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