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Originally Posted by adamcz
That's true, and I didn't know about the dangers of water specifically, but most people know that anything can be dangerous if done to ridiculously excessive levels. I assume there's risk involved in trying to eat 100 hot dogs, trying to hold your breath for minutes on end, or trying to set a record for not sleeping. I don't neccesarily know why they're dangerous (with holding your breath I do) but they simply don't sound smart to me.

Natural selection is too harsh for this though.

This woman drank two gallons of water in two hours. However, she was reassured that nothing bad would come of this. That is why there is a possibility of criminal negligence. The people at the radio station KNEW better, they knew specifically of a case in Chico where a frat-guy died from drinking too much water in a hazing incident, and yet they never mentioned any of this to the contestant's, or the severe consequences that may happen.

As far as these people knew, they were told by the employee's at the radio station, the worst thing that could happen was that they would vomit, since the body doesn't like to hold too much water, it will automatically initiate vomiting, which is a ridiculous assumption that any first-semester college anatomy student can laugh at.

If any good comes out of this, we will hopefully see an end, or at least a decrease of these idiotic publicity stunts that so often lead to serious harm or death to a person.
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