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Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Drinking water and eating chicken **** is not a fair comparison.

The point I'm trying to make even though they are extreme is that it was over a video game which I don't care if they wanted it for Christmas, she died trying to get it. Now they don't have their mother. She acknowledged she was getting sick and kept doing it. The chicken sh!t was extreme, I will take it back but she was stupid for going against her body.

Too much of ANYTHING can kill you. Water, of course we need it, but if your dehydrated, which she could have been already to be able to drink that much water would have killed her anyway. Anybody whose been dehydrated know not to drink water, but a gatorade type drink with those neccessary electrolytes. That's why there is gatorade and powerades, stuff like that for athletes in any sport to drink during their games, plus cramps is a motherscooter.
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