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Default Re: Is there anyway I can influence the Knicks organization to fire Mike D'Antoni?

You guys agreeing with the OP are gonna get negged.

I said something bad about Danphoni and got negged hard.

But no, there is nothing you can do. Dantoni was given a 5 year window to make the Knicks a non-basement dweller and it has only been 3. He doesn't have to win a title, he just needs to make them at least respectable. Plus he got a pretty hefty deal, I don't see the Knicks replacing him without a top flight coach to take over. And Mark Jackson is not it, nor is Van Gundy. If Doc Rivers was available, he might have been able to unseat Dantoni.

If the Knicks miss the playoffs again then it will be interesting to see how things play out.
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