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Default Re: Running the O through Prince doesnt work

I think you're putting all the blame on Prince and not enough of it on Kuester. Fire Kuester!!!!!!!!!!! This is not a Tay issue. It's about a coach setting up an offense that doesn't work well with the players. Look at the game on with the Clippers.... Stuckey gets Prince in the post, had a feeling Kuester might call a time out but realized it was a really good match up that Detroit would have scored on, so he motions to Kuester to NOT call a time out..... What does Kuester do??? Calls a time out. He has been a total moron. The players have no respect for him. Tay is one of the nicer guys in basketball. If he has a hard time getting along with someone I would have to say it's more the other persons problem. Trust me, it's not the players, it's the situations the coach puts them into.

The real problem with this is nobody is going to want to come to Detroit to play. Nobody wants to play for someone they don't like or respect. Our own talent is going to end up leaving. Joe D needs to let Kuester go. Hopefully once they have a new owner this will happen too.
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