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Default Anyone Else Sick Of Kurt Angle?

Kurt Angle gave yet another candid interview to Bubba The Love Sponge on Thursday. Highlights of the discussion, courtesy and, follow:

_According to Angle, Dixie Carter is paying him more than Vince McMahon ever did. He called her a better businessperson than Vince McMahon and said that there's a rumor going around that an NFL owner might begin backing TNA.

_Angle said that TNA has opened discussions with Hulk Hogan and Chris Jericho. He believes Jericho, Big Show and Hogan are the top free agent prospects. Angle did a great job putting over Big Show, claiming that he was one of WWE's hardest workers and that, should he sign with TNA, Angle would push for him to have a long undefeated streak.

_He said that TNA's ratings are now beating ECW and SmackDown.

_Angle claimed that a doctor once told him that Vince McMahon has blood vessels on his nose (which he masks with makeup on television) that signal high blood pressure; McMahon, according to this doctor, is at risk of a heart attack.

_He said that Shane McMahon, who has done a lot for WWE's international business, is a better businessman than Vince. Angle took responsibility for helping WWE break into China.

_Angle put over Test (and Bobby Lashley); he had nothing positive to say about Triple H.

_He called his match with Hulk Hogan a "five-star" bout; he put over the Hulkster.

_He said that he hopes Christian gets a chance to headline as a long-term champion but that he needs to change his style to become a more effective heel.

_He criticized Shawn Michaels by mentioning his own track record as someone who has done more jobs than anyone yet not lost overness (but he did admit that HBK offered to put Angle over at WrestleMania). He also mentioned that HBK refused to move to SmackDown.

_He told Bubba to bring Tito Ortiz on the show next week so they can discuss fighting.


Some points i found in the comments about the article:

* Kurt Angle's WWE Salary: $1,023,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
* Kurt Angle's TNA Salary: $750,000 with airfare not included

* Smackdown's rating: 3.01
* ECW's rating: 1.50
* TNA's Rating: 1.1

This guy just sounds more and more bitter every time he opens his damn mouth
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