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Default Re: Take a hike Mike thread

Originally Posted by franchize
Our team is like the Redskins out here where I am.They got a D coordinator who coaches a 3-4 but they have 4-3 personnel so their D sucks.

We basically have an O- coordinator posing as a coach who's offense is geared around 3 point shooting but we only have 2 real 3 point shooters on our team.One is in a slump and shooting 32% and the other will probably never see the floor all season unless he's mopping it.

Yeah and both teams overpay players who don't fit in the system.

See Eddy Curry and Albert Haynesworth.

But this team shouldn't focus this much on the threeball, so you are right. They don't have the right personnel and should at least attack the basket. The guys who attack the rim or do something else other than shooting don't get the playing time they deserve.
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