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Default Re: Take a hike Mike thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I always say hindsight is 20/20 with the Jordan Hill fiasco.He was projected to go top 4 and Brandon Jennings was considered a huge risk.He had basically done nothing overseas so blaming the Knicks in retrospect is kinda unfair.But damnit if he wouldnt have been perfect for our team right now.

If we had Jennings,I'd fully endorse taking a chance on Mark Jackson as a coach.@ the very least,we'd fast break teams to death because Mark ran the break about as good as anyone in the history of basketball.
I don't know about letting him coach, but I'd give him a spot on the bench as an assistant or something. He's gotta earn his stripes coaching-wise. We're not in a position to take leaps of faith like that on just any former player. And I'd probably recommend Mark Jackson be sent home when we're facing the Lakers until Kobe retires His mancrush on him is unhealthy.
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