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Default Re: Cheating Girlfriend Caught!!!

i talked to him about it after a while and he said it was totally worth it.

Maybe you just watched Jarhead not to long ago and confused it with one of your friends.

Your friend is a moron if he thinks a girl would stay loyal to an army guy...I quit the army because of my fiancee...I knew she wouldn't stay faithful with me being with her only 100 days outta the year. Way less if I got called to Iraq.

I can't really blame a women for that, or a meet people, my girl is very sociable...I know if I wasn't here, some dude would try his best to sleep with her...and eventually Jamiacan rum would take over...don't get me wrong, I trust my women but mistakes happen.

Only people that don't agree with what I just said, are people who can't get laid. You get a good job to impress girls, girls spend their entire free time trying to make look good...and it's all to meet someone. That's how this world works, you be gone for a long time...and eventually they'll find someone else.

Loneliness is a motherf*cker and not having sex is torture.
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