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Default Re: Raptor - Hornet Trade

Originally Posted by bagelred
This trade is not possible. It doesn't work under CBA rules. Toronto is taking back too much salary. There will have to be an adjustment, because this 5 man trade can't happen. Toronto will have to throw in another player.
A reliable Greek news source first got wind of the trade this morning. Peja lives in Greece in the offseason, and the reportís author is good friend of Pejaís.

The Raptors get younger and acquire a $15 million expiring contract. The Hornets receive a much-needed big (Andersen) and arguably the best player in the package (Jack). Jack is also one of Chris Paulís best friends.

It seemed like the Hornets were going to keep Bayless, as they recently traded a first-round pick to acquire him and picked up his player option. He isnít eligible to be traded until December 23Ö unless heís traded individually. So, in order for this deal to happen, itíd have to be broken into two trades.
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