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This is what I would do with each pick if I was the GM of each team.

1. Toronto- Marcus Williams
2. Chicago- Andrea Bargnani
3. Charlotte- Rudy Gay
4. Portland- Adam Morrison
5. Atlanta- LaMarcus Aldridge
6. Minnesota- Brandon Roy
7. Boston- Patrick O’Bryant
8. Houston- JJ Reddick
9. Golden State- Tyrus Thomas
10. Seattle- Cedric Simmons
11. Orlando- Randy Foye
12. New Orleans- Shelden Williams
13. Philadelphia- Kyle Lowry
14. Utah- Rodney Carney
15. New Orleans- Ronnie Brewer
16. Chicago- Quincy Douby
17. Indiana- Sergio Rodriguez
18. Washington- Hilton Armstrong
19. Sacramento- Rajon Rondo
20. New York- Olekiy Pecherov
21. Phoenix- Mouhamed Saer Sene
22. New Jersey- Darius Washington Jr.
23. New Jersey- Leon Powe
24. Memphis- Shawne Williams
25. Cleveland- Jordan Farmar
26. LA Lakers- Gerry McNamara
27. Phoenix- Shannon Brown
28. Dallas- Mike Gansey
29. New York- James White
30. Portland- Alexander Johnson

I know I have some radical opionons but as you can see I like Gerry McNamara and Darius Washington Jr. I don't think Marcus Williams is the best player in the draft, but I do think he is the best fit for the Rapters. Let me know what you like or don't like about this thanks.
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