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Default Re: bill simmon's on nash

Originally Posted by FindingTim
oh no question. On offense, Nash is an almost perfect point guard.

For a guy who is short, slow, and can't jump, it's remarkable how good Steve Nash is at basketball.

People knock his defense but forget to mention that he turns scrubs into role players, role players into stars, and stars into superstars. The list of players who owe Nash for their paychecks is a long list indeed.

The best shooter ever, arguably the best passer ever, and arguably the best playmaker ever... Steve Nash is without question one of the greatest offensive basketball players of all-time.

WHen you wake up lets us know. In your dreams is the only place Nash is the best at anything All Time.
You see Magic,Bird,Russell,Kobe,Frazier, isiah, Jordan these guys take good players and make them Champions thats where Nash falls short.,,ALso looking around the league many of them players you are giving Nash all this credit seem to be doing ok without him
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