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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by bagelred
Has the show turned into another version of LOST or is it just me?

Zombies = Smoke Monster
Old Dude = Locke
Deputy = Jack
Wife = Kate
Kid = Walt
Deputy's Partner = Sawyer
Black Guy = Michael
Asian Guy = Jin (actually kinda Charlie like)
Black Lady = Rose
Finding new stranded Groups = Others
Camping in Woods = Island
Hispanic Guy = Hurley
Two Blond Haired Sisters = Boone and Shannon
Blond Haired Girl dying = Boone dying
Going into Downtown Atlanta = Trekking into Jungle

Deputy saving redneck "We have to go back....we have to GO BACK!!!!"

Deputy waking up in hospital to mayhem = Jack waking up on island from plane crash

I think you are really stretching here.
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