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Default Re: What are you reading?

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Zen, did you already finish the previous three, or do you read several books at once?
Im done with all of them.

Everytime I post a pic + rating, its because Ive already finished reading it. The reason why the dates I finished them are so close, is because two of them I had already been reading.

'The Girl That Played With Fire' took me at least a week and a half to finish. I had read 200 pages, then put it down.. then 100 pages, then put it down.. and so forth.

I had actually read half of 'Bite Me' a month ago but I placed it down and never returned to it. So I finished the second half in one day when I decided to pick it back up.

'Prayers for Rain' took me a couple of days to finish. Due to my being able to work and read simultaneously.. I am able to finish books quickly.

Now Im debating weather reading Moonlight Mile the latest Lehane novel or the latest Reacher novel 'Worth Dying For' by Lee Child.. which just was released, also.
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