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Originally Posted by MJ(Mean John)
1.Brian Grant....(STIFF...that was horroble...and we still are paying his horrible contract.)
2.Vlade Divac....(Stiff him 10 million for 2 many games did he play for us...15 games/ 0.Games started/ 130 minutes.. /13-31 field goals.../8-12 from the free throw line.../32 rebounds.. /19 assists.. /4steals /1 block /14turn overs /25p.Fouls and /34points total.)
C'mon me 10 millon and I can do that.....
Vlade was a joke....10 mil for 2 yrs...c'mon now...odom can get those stats easily in 2 games minus all those Turn only reminding u of what happend last time we messd with STiffs...
Lakers must not do this deal and STAY AWAY FROM STIFFS.....PERIOD
NUFF SAID....................

However it is remarkable that he played so horribly because we simply let his contract run out and have a lot more tax relief.

Had he played well we probably would have still had him and had to pay him more for upcoming seasons.

Vlade on the other hand dissaopinted me...I was looking forward for his return so he could dish it out and score some shots.

he didnt do either. and now his contract finally runs out this year....not too much of a tax relief though.
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