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Default Re: Amar'e Stoudemire Fan Thread

I don't really care for Isola, he's right up there with Berman.

But, "Those 3" in Miami decieved alot of people. Well actually Bosh didn't, but knew way beforehand what everyone was planning when they became FA's. (Including Riley) obviously Spo' didn't.

So STAT was no Plan D to me. He wasn't in the "Loop" of the 3 "buddies".

If we can get Melo this year or in free agency, I bet Miami will never sniff a ring (unless the NBA/refs help them out).

Amar'e IS making everyone better around him and usually PG's do this. So that's saying quite a bit about who he is as a player now. Our guys are gelling and it's great to witness this.

I like Mr. Walshes plan more than Riley's plan.

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