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Default Re: Anyone Else Sick Of Kurt Angle?

Originally Posted by B-Low
Some points i found in the comments about the article:

* Kurt Angle's WWE Salary: $1,023,000 (First class flight tickets paid for every week)
* Kurt Angle's TNA Salary: $750,000 with airfare not included

* Smackdown's rating: 3.01
* ECW's rating: 1.50
* TNA's Rating: 1.1

This guy just sounds more and more bitter every time he opens his damn mouth

But you have to realize that his TNA schedule is WAY less the WWE's. So 750,000 dollars is a smoking deal for the amount he is wrestling. (Unless TNA does houseshows, but I'm pretty sure they don't) also TNA superstars now have to pay for their own hotels.
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