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Originally Posted by dmenzion
larry hughes just isnt the pippen to jordan deal.

trade larry hughes to indiana for stephen jackson, trade snow to indy for tinsley

make sure you keep Z,Gooden,Marshall,DJ,Varejao

your result is...

Varejoa( i liked the lebron,V combo in the playoffs)/Gooden

your result is with mourning and payton gone and shaq a year older i expect a cleveland-dallas finals. good luck LEBRON!

Dude, are you kidding me? You say Hughes is not Pippen to Lebrons Jordan yet you think Stephen Jackson is?? Tell me on what planet is Jackson an upgrade at that position? And why the heck would they trade Snow for Tinsley...why would Indy trade for an aging PG with no offense ? Why keep Gooden anyway? He is redundant in the system, and extremely up and down. Use him to get either a PG or a legit backup center (Jamal Magloire)
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