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Default Need help, how to land a decent PG/SG?

Thanks for the help so far. I think my team looks a lot better than it did starting the season, when I made the mistake of drafting Anthony Randolph and Mike Miller (before he got injured).

I'm still really weak on guards and want to trade something for one, but not sure what to aim for. So far, all my trade offers have been rejected. People in this league seem to not like to make moves unless it benefits them ridiculously (eg. got offered Ray Allen for Granger... )

Who should I target? Which players should I move to do it? Miller is sitting on waivers, should I grab him back even though he's out another 3-4 weeks?

14-team roto, standard 9-cat:

PG: Jose Calderon
SG: Wesley Matthews
G: Mike Conley
SF: Danny Granger
PF: David Lee
F: David West
C: Tim Duncan
C: Lamarcus Aldridge
Util: Jeff Green
Util: Paul Milsap
Bench: Channing Frye
Bench: Serge Ibaka
Bench: Carlos Boozer (inj)

Waiver players of note:
Mike Miller (inj)
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