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Default Re: Cousins kicked out of practice


I don't think the coach is helping it out, either. And that team doesn't have anyone to stand up to him. Imagine him on the same team as someone like Shaq or even someone like Kobe. They'd help him out a lot.

I think he truly believes he can get traded from that team. But I don't think he can. It would be stupid to trade him and nobody is going to come at them with a worthwhile offer.

Dude is really good. He's got a lot of mental toughness. He's just channeling it the wrong way. And the coach is feeding into it by trying to fight with him.

Why kick him out of practice? No reason for that. It's like back in the day when people would say you're misbehaving you get out of school suspension... lol then you go out and party.

If they trade Cousins, I hope he goes to a good team. Man there are so many places he could go and succeed.

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