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Default Re: Cousins kicked out of practice

Originally Posted by GOBB
Come on man stop making excuses for dude. There are plenty of reasons to kick him out of practice. Back in school? How can you compare school and the professional basketball league? This is Cousins career. He shouldnt have declared. People say these kids have a right to enter the NBA and recieve millions dispite not earning it. Well when you make that jump the responsibility exceeds even moreso than it did when you went from high school to college. This isnt college, AAU, high school anymore. This is the big leagues.

But the point is that if someone is misbehaving you don't tell them to get out. That is, in a way, conceding. That doesn't help growth. I'm not comparing school to the NBA, I'm comparing the idea of getting a free day because you misbehave.

I'm not really making excuses; I'm trying to say that this 'way of handling things' isn't going to work. I think he's a good player. I think that he's being poorly handled... but he's also ****ing up.

What do you guys think? That hes going to get cut and never play in the NBA? I doubt it.

And to whoever said Tyreke... I don't think Tyreke is the leader type.

There is obviously a deeper reason behind all of this, and I don't think it's just some minor conflict. I don't even know if it has to do with the coach as much as the team. They'd be better trying to actually figure out what is making him mad instead of trying to whip him into shape. Some people just don't ever break.

That's a good quality as a basketball player and they need to find a way to channel it. He needs to be back in the starting lineup. Like I said before, if he wants to play, let him play. Don't take him out for fouls or when he's tired. Make him ask to be taken out.

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