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Originally Posted by benJAMin
I like the Curry/Smoov side. Even though he hasnt been healthy, Curry retains elite stats, and if he's ever 100% the numbers could be pretty impressive. Smoov will remain himself. Durant is going to turn it around and be a monster, but I'm concerned Okur's eventual return will hinder Millsap some down the road. If I had to guess by the end of the year based on averages:
Curry = top 10
Smoov = top 20

Durant = top 3
Millsap = top 50

Yes, the way Sloan is playing him it looks like they are preparing him to come off the bench once Okur gets back. Millsap went from 15-16FGA to only 10FGA in recent games and he's only playing around 30-31 mins instead of 38-41 earlier in the season.

The way I see it, Millsap will be a 14-15/7-8 guy for most of the season when Okur is back.
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