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Default Re: Cousins kicked out of practice

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
But the point is that if someone is misbehaving you don't tell them to get out. That is, in a way, conceding. That doesn't help growth. I'm not comparing school to the NBA, I'm comparing the idea of getting a free day because you misbehave.


You're not getting a free day. To the student/player who thinks they get a free day are totally missing the point. Especially the player. Getting thrown out of practice should make you ask yourself what did I do wrong? What do I need to do so I dont get thrown out again. Celebrating a day off is assbackwards. The player should be thinking about talkin to the coach about the issues at hand. Not enjoying the rest of the day off. Getting thrown out of practice in front of your peers should be embarrassing. Shouldnt be something you giggle and laugh "haha yall gotta practice, I got the day off".

This is professional basketball. Its not a good look to get tossed out no matter how you spin it. And we dont even know if Cousins has been a repeated offender from whatever he is doin to make the coach react in that manner. Maybe his manuerisms, attitude was annoying, negative and the coach was fed up with it. If you dont want to be here, there is the door. See ya. I dont know what happened/what was said. Just saying thinking getting tossed out of practice isnt a good method I dont buy at all. He may have been a distraction, a downer. Maybe the coach didnt want his attitude on other guys who wanted to practice and work.

The coach is not a babysitter. Before anything he needs to command respect and instill discipline in the players he coaches. If someone isnt on the same page as that. Coach doesnt have to put up with it. See ya, hit the shower and hopefully you reflect on what happened today and adjust.
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