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Default Re: Kobe Bryant no. 1 according to experts.

It seems that people who watch the game and live in the NBA circle still think Lebron isn't quite the clear cut best player in the league?

At least 22 of them do. What makes those 22 wrong and the others right?


They also said Kidd is better than Westbrook, Blake isnt top 50 but Hedo is, and would anyone right now take Joe Johnson over Rose, or Antawn Jamison and his 11ppg on 40% shooting over Gerald Wallace and John Wall? Chris Paul is the 13th best player in the league and not a top 2 point?

We gonna call all those correct because we agree with some?

"Experts" like everyone else...have opinions that are all their own.

If Oscar robertson implies that Lebron and Jordan are equals or Lebron is better(He said that Lebron is on a level all his own after scoffing at the notion that Lebron isnt as good as Jordan) does his legend status mean im wrong if I say Jordan was better?

Do legend opinions only matter when you agree with them?

People are quick to point out that "____ thinks what I think" until it turns out that "____" also thinks Bob Petitt is top 6 all time. Then hes an old idiot.

In the end people only care what they think. Other peoples opinions are only worthwhile when they share them.
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