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"Busts" are usually guys picked high in the draft and with that in mind, Aldridge needed to stay in school. He's way too soft to be banging with the big boys in the NBA. It's really hard to say. I think Tyrus Thomas got alot of pub b/c of his leaping ability, but what people fail to realize is he is a very good defender and shot blocker so there is no way u can be considered a bust if you are a good defender. No one said TT was going to average 20 ppg. But he will change nearly any shot that comes towards the basket. Tyson Chandler can't score to save his life but he plays defense and in the NBA, a good defender is always a welcome addition. As far as the guy way at the top that said Morrison would be a bust, don't count on it. His determination is going to take him along way b/c he's the type of kid that is going to thrive off of people saying he can't do this or that, ala Larry Bird...Not saying he is the next coming of Bird, but he will be productive in the league.
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