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Default Re: How Good Are Isiah's Draft Picks?

Disagree with you here. Isiah has done a GREAT job in drafting. In every comparison you mention above, Isiah made the right choice. The only one that remains a gamble is not gambling on Bynum. Frye is not great, for sure, but seems to have been the best pick of a weak draft at that point. He's a head's up player, is 6'11" and hopefully will develop defensively over the next two years.

Forget about statistics; they're meaningless in basketball. Totally dependant on how many minutes the player plays and what team/situation they're on.

David Lee was a phenomenal pick.
Nate Robinson was a terrific pick.
Renaldo Balkman was a terrific pick for a late first round pick (would have been second round in the old days).
Trevor Ariza also a great pick, despite Larry Brown forcing Isiah to trade him.

Some of the idiots in the NY media and the fans who believe everything they read dogged Isiah for picking Balkman, and they all didn't have a clue what they were talking about. It's hard to find a player who sticks in the NBA when you're talking about pick numbers 20-30 in the draft. Balkman was exactly what Isiah wanted, and he's turned out well.

Mark "Dumbo" Berman of the NY Post went further in his articles this past summer, saying he had interviewed the other GM's picking after Isiah, and none of them were going to pick Balkman in the late first round before the Knicks second very late first round pick, and therefore, according to Dumbo, Isiah could've gotten Balkman AND Marcus Williams. Well isn't it nice to have 20-20 hindsight and have the liberty to talk to the other GM's after the fact (something Isiah couldn't have).

Some more points:

1. The Nets didn't pick right after the Knicks in last June's draft. The Celtics did. And the Celtics desperately needed a point guard, only having not/never-ready-for-prime-time Sebasitan Telfair. The Celtics picked a point guard AND IT WASN'T MARCUS WILLIAMS. Marcus Williams fell through the first round like Michel Lampe encased in concrete. And at this point, the Nets don't play Marcus Williams late because he's too short. He has a propensity to gain weight ala Pearl Washington; that's why he fell through the first round.

2. The Knicks had four point guards. Why would Isiah risk losing the guy he wanted -- Balkman -- to get a fifth point guard?

3. If rumour ever got out that Isiah was looking to tab Balkman, no doubt one of those 'other' GM's would've jumped on Balkman. Isiah has a rep for great talent evaluation; when he likes a player, other GM's all of a sudden become interested in that player. Isiah isn't just another schmuck -- he's one of the greatest point guards of all time. When he sees a guy who he'd want to play with, it means something. Means a hell of a lot more than anything Stu Laden thinks. Or me, or Mark "Dumbo" Berman.

I LOVE the things Isiah Thomas has done as GM. AND I USED TO HATE ISIAH before he became Knick GM.

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